MTR inc. has been created to work closely with its retailers to supply them with the best quality goods at the lowest price. As the name implies, at Manufacture to Retail, goods are manufactured by MTR inc. and then, distributed directly to your central retail warehouse.

The mission of MTR inc. is simple : we sell directly from manufacture to retail. Door to door sales and net pricing for high demand products result in prices that are lower than the competition.

The elimination of the middle man is the key to success.


The managers of MTR inc. : André Paquette (President), President of Plastiques Rawdon, specialized in injection plastics molding, and Normand Charron (Vice-President), marketing and distribution, have joined their talents, skills and years of experience.


Our expertise in manufacturing comes from over 25 years of injection plastics molding. Keenly aware of the serious changes that must be made for the future of retailling, we have dedicated ourselves to serving our clients through a commitment to excellence and to the highest quality and performance.

The MTR inc. team combines four fields of expertise:

Product development




MTR's creative vision will identify market needs and niches and will provide you with the right product at the right price. Our marketing team will ensure your success in the Canadian or export market.


Our Goal : to work closely with our customers to adapt to the changing retail market of today, but more importantly of tomorrow.


MTR inc. - 3719, rue des Commissaires - C.P. 910, Rawdon (Québec) - Canada - J0K 1S0
Tél : (514) 351-1062 - Fax : (514) 351-4168

Tél : 1 (888) 336-9687

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